With your help as many as 65,000 people over the next five years, could breakout of the poverty cycle!
Endorsed by RAWCS (Rotary Australia World Community Service), the Farmer Family Support Project have a goal to end poverty permanently in the Albay region in the Philippines.
With your help we can continue to help farmers become self sufficient and in doing so break the poverty cycle. 
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 WE are happy to receive any amount or regular donations fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, annually or biannually, all donations over $2 are tax deductible.
  • $42.00 per month -  $1.38 per day will help 4 farmer families approx 40 people
  • $125.00 per month- $4.11 per day will help  12 farmer families approx 120 people
Many impoverished farmers from the Bicol region are so poor they cannot afford to run their farms and move to Manila hoping to gain work to feed their starving families but end up living in the slums eking out a meagre living.  Help came in the form of the Muravah Foundation who established the Mayon Farmers Association. The Mayon Farmers Association creates business opportunities and provides support and training in agriculture to the local farmers.The Muravah Foundation advances Farm Input Loans which are repaid at least two times per year interest free to members of the Mayon Farmers Association. These Farm Input Loans enable farmers to obtain quality seed and fertiliser thereby improving their crops and yield.
Currently there are 1212 farmers involved in this program. Generally there are 10 members in a Farmer Family but sometimes there can be  up to 15 or 20 because of extended family or relatives therefore many people per farm benefit from these loans, helping remove people from poverty in a sustainable way.
The input loans are available for all farmers for any type of crop eg. rice, coconut, vegetables such as beans, chilli and pumpkin. 54,000 cacoa seedlings have been planted with a goal of up to a million seedlings for planting. Already a few farmers are now self sufficient and no longer require input loans. However if natural disasters such as typhoons wipe out their crops they may require input loans again until they can re-establish their crops. With the increased farming and assistance, more job opportunities are available within the community, creating sustainability within the area.
The greater the pool of funds available the more families can be released from starvation and poverty.


Where does your loose change go? Small donations are very welcome too, every donation counts towards making a difference!